To know this, you need to understand a little more about the Guadalajaran cartels of the 70s. If you're a fan of the Netflix series Narcos, you may not know this, but you already know a lot about sinsemilla.

The flamboyant and notorious cartel leader Rafael Caro Quintero is credited with bringing sinsemilla to the forefront of people's cannabis consumption habits. Although there is some dispute as to whether he invented the seedless variety of cannabis, there is no doubt that it was thanks to him that interest in and knowledge of this type of cannabis grew.

Until the 1960s, many people in North America and Europe didn't dare grow their own cannabis at all. Instead, cannabis was imported directly from Afghanistan, Jamaica, Thailand, Mexico or Colombia. These plants were low in THC and their smoking experience was rougher, especially given the large number of seeds. So when the Guadalajara cartels imported sinsemilla, it was recognized as the gold standard of smoking: high in THC and pleasant to inhale.

Sinsemilla cannabis seeds on sale

We've been asked hundreds of times if we have any sinsemilla seeds for sale, and as you may have seen from this article, the term "sinsemilla" doesn't refer to a specific type of strain, but to a growing method where only the females are left to produce unpollinated buds, i.e. no seeds. If you don't have much growing experience, I'd recommend buying feminized marijuana seeds so that there's less risk of being pollinated, but if you already know how to distinguish males from females, you can also grow regular seeds, but don't forget to take care during the pre-flowering phase to eliminate all males and hermaphrodites from the crop.


The discovery of sinsemilla cannabis has revolutionized the cannabis market because, until now, consumers had to remove the seeds from the buds before smoking them, or they smoked the seeds themselves with all that entails, as they taste disgusting. Today, we take a look at what sinsemilla means, what the technique is, who invented it, and the best sinsemilla marijuana strains of all time.

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