Hybrid cannabis: all you need to know

Also known as marijuana, cannabis is a plant highly prized for its many therapeutic properties. In fact, cannabis is a naturally complex plant characterized by two interesting chemical components: THC and CBD. These two cannabinoids are involved in regulating numerous bodily functions.

Also, there are a multitude of cannabis varieties, including hybrids. So what does hybrid cannabis mean? How are hybrid cannabis strains produced? How can you tell the difference between hybrid and Sativa and Indica strains? If any of these questions arouse your curiosity, just read this article, which tells you all about hybrid cannabis.

What is hybrid cannabis?

Hybrid cannabis is a variety created by crossing several varieties of hemp called landraces to create different effects and flavor profiles. Typically, hybrid cannabis varieties are plants with a combination of the characteristics of Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica plants, depending on their genetic lineage.

In fact, both the hemp plant and its CBD flowers are rich in cannabinoids, notably CBD and THC. These two molecular substances are found in the parent strains sativa and indica. To make the effects of cannabis more active and specific, several other varieties have been created using conventional hybridization techniques.

Today, most cannabis plants are indica- or sativa-dominant hybrids rather than pure indica or sativa strains. This is because it is currently difficult to find local strains or original cannabis strains with their native characteristics on the global crossbreeding market.

So it's not uncommon to find hybrid cannabis plants that are very tall with bushy leaves, or short with thin leaves. In any case, their characteristics clearly show that they are more modern cultivars than natural varieties.


What types of hybrid cannabis varieties are there?

Generally speaking, there are four types of hybrid cannabis:

  • The Sativa x sativa varieties, which are the result of crossing two different sativa varieties;
  • The Indica x indica varieties, which are the result of crossing two different indica varieties;
  • Sativa x indica strains, which are hybrid varieties with dominant sativa characteristics. However, it's important to note that these varieties have characteristics of both types of cannabis. For example, they can be tall plants with purple buds or other characteristics.
  • The Indica x sativa varieties which are this time indica-dominant hybrid varieties, but nevertheless have the characteristics of both types of variety.


On the other hand, it should be noted that to obtain a hybrid cannabis plant with a high CBD or THC content, it will be necessary to choose, during the hybridization process, the species richest in this expected molecule. It's also important to note that hybrid cannabis strains are created in different ways:

Hybrid varieties only cloned

The grower can create genetically identical clones of the plant. A clone is the only way to ensure that the genetic make-up of the hybrid is preserved. In this case, growing conditions affect the final result of this type of hybrid.

Stable seed strain

To stabilize the specific characteristics or attributes, the breeder can select both male and female plants and reproduce them several times. Eventually, the breeder obtains these specific traits each time the seeds are grown, albeit with slight genetic variation. In general, these are the strains most sought-after by home growers because of the uniformity of the results they produce.

Hybrid strain of unstable seeds

These are hybrid cannabis strains that can be produced quickly compared with stable seed hybrids. However, the results of these strains are far less predictable. Generally, weed CBD seed or strain stores won't sell you unstable hybrid cannabis strains.

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